General guidelines for processes

Royal Decree 822//2021, of 28 September, which establishes the organisation of university education and the procedure for quality assurance.

  • In accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned Royal Decree, the universities must send the design of the official degree to the Council of Universities for verification.
  • In order to be able to issue a verification report, the Council of Universities requests ANECA, or the assessment bodies determined by the Law of the Autonomous Communities, to issue an assessment report on the design of the official degree. In order to carry out this work, ANECA has evaluation committees.
  • Once the evaluation process has been completed, ANECA, or the corresponding evaluation body, will send the report to the applicant university, the Council of Universities and the Ministry of Education.
  • Once the Council of Universities has received the report, it will issue verification decision. The University may appeal against the verification decision to the Presidency of the Council of Universities.
  • After authorisation by the Autonomous Community and verification of the curriculum by the Council of Universities, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport will submit to the Government the proposal for the establishment of the official status of the degree and its registration in the Register of Universities, Centres and Degrees (RUCT).