Degrees Evaluation of university education

ANECA contributes to the promotion of the quality of the Spanish university system within the framework of the criteria and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area through the efficient and rigorous application of the different quality assessment procedures for university education required by current legislation.

Area of action

Spanish legislation regulating the organisation of official university education in Spain establishes that official university degrees must undergo external evaluation processes by ANECA at different stages. In first stage, prior to the implementation of the degree, ANECA, through the VERIFICA procedure  , evaluates the design of the degree.

Once the degree has been implemented, ANECA monitors the development of its implementation, through the MONITOR procedure, and a third stage, in which, once the degrees have completed their implementation, they must undergo a cyclical process of renewal of their accreditation in order to maintain their status as an official degree. For this last phase, ANECA has developed the ACREDITA procedure.

The legislation establishes the frequency and the agents in charge of carrying out the renewal of accreditation.

  • Evaluation of new degrees (VERIFICA)

    Evaluation of new degrees (VERIFICA)

    It evaluates proposals for degree curricula designed in line with the European Higher Education Area.

  • Monitoring of the implementation

    Monitoring of the implementation

    It provides the universities with an external assessment of how the implementation of their official degrees is being carried out.

  • Accreditation renewal

    Accreditation renewal

    It carries out the assessment for previously verified degrees to renew their official degree status.