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Degrees and Institutions

The Agency approaches the evaluation of Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education Institutions from an international and holistic perspective, in accordance with the Criteria and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and the European Research Area, based on the principle of co-responsibility in quality assurance, which combines:

  • The capacity of Higher Education Institutions to develop their own Internal Quality Assurance / Guarantee Systems (IQAS) to ensure the quality of all their academic activities, in accordance with their own quality strategy and policy, enhancing the aspects of sustainability.
  • The accreditation of official university degrees, based on the evaluation of their syllabuses endorsed by their IQAS.
  • Institutional accreditation of university centres, based on the certification of the IQAS, in a coupled evaluation process.
  • The articulation of accreditations with the quality recognition to which the university aspires.
  • Degrees


    Verification and modification of curricula, monitoring and renewal of accreditation of official degrees.


  • Centres and Institutions

    Centres and Institutions

    Institutional accreditation (initial, follow-up and renewal) of university centres and doctoral schools.

  • Other evaluations

    Other evaluations

    Assessment of official non-university higher education degrees.

  • Teaching and Institutional Evaluation Reports

    Teaching and Institutional Evaluation Reports

    Results of the evaluations carried out by ANECA.