Expert committees and panels

The selection of the members of the panels and assessment committees within the International Quality Labels Programme adheres to criteria that guarantee the performance of the functions of the Committee to which they belong.

With the aim of ensuring that the experts of a visiting panel are not linked to the university to be evaluated by said panel, a procedure for the selection and challenge of experts has been created.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is the body responsible for reviewing the evaluation procedure of the International Quality Labels Programme and is comprised of the person responsible for ANECA's Teaching and Institutional Evaluation Division, the manager/head of ANECA's International Quality Labels Programme, academics with experience in university management and higher education assessment processes, and professionals with experience in the different disciplines of the labels.

Appeals Committees

Review complaints regarding granting/denial of labels and processing of final decision.

Expert panels

The expert (visiting) panels are responsible for conducting the visits to the centres where the training programmes subject to assessment for the EURACE, EUROINF or EUROLABEL labels, or the Medicine Label based on the WFME standards are delivered.

They are made up of at least three members with experience in education quality assessment who represent the academic and/or professional sector. At a minimum, one of them should be from the specific discipline of the programme evaluated.

The agreements of the different panels of experts are reached on the basis of consensus to ensure that decisions are collegiate. In order to facilitate the dissemination of good practices in the assessment for the award of each label, the procedure offers the possibility of incorporating external, national or international observers on the visiting panels.

The procedure establishes the mechanisms necessary to ensure that members of the panel have no conflict of interest with the institutions subject to assessment for the EURACE, EUROINF or EUROLABEL labels, or the Medicine Label based on the WFME standards.