Doctoral Degrees

The regulation of official doctoral studies incorporates the recommendations arising from the various European and international forums that have dealt with doctoral training. These recommendations refer to the structure and organisation of the doctorate, the skills to be acquired by doctoral students, the conditions of access and the development of the research career in its initial stage, the fundamental role of supervision and tutoring of research training, the insertion of this training in a research environment that encourages communication and creativity, internationalisation and mobility.

The universities must send the proposals for doctoral programmes for verification to the Council of Universities. In order to be able to issue a verification report, the Council of Universities requests ANECA, or the evaluation bodies determined by the Law of the Autonomous Communities, to issue an evaluation report on these proposals.

The assessment for verification will mainly take into account those aspects that guarantee the solvency of the research teams participating in the programme and the adequate development of the training of doctoral students. This evaluation should serve to guarantee that the doctoral programme has a critical mass with sufficient human and material resources to produce, within the foreseen time, a reasonable number of doctoral theses with an impact and quality appropriate to their scientific context, and to ensure that the employability of the PhD graduates is in line with their training.

Equipo del programa

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Support documents

The following are the reference documents for the elaboration and evaluation of doctoral curricula:

Tools for evaluation

Evaluation reports

The purpose of ANECA is to promote and assure the quality of the Higher Education System in Spain. In order to fulfil this task assigned to the Agency, the official degree evaluation report search engine  has been created in the field of official degree evaluation. Through this search engine, ANECA provides all stakeholders, and especially students, with all the information about the official bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees on which ANECA has carried out evaluation reports.

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