Prerequisites to apply for evaluation

  • In order to be eligible to apply for accreditation to the body of University Professors, applicants must meet the following requirement at the time of application: Belong to the Corps of University Senior Lecturers or that of the University School Professors and hold a doctorate.
  • Exemption from the requirement to belong to the Corps of University Senior Lecturers referred to in art. 60.1 of Organic Law 6/2001, of 21 December, will be granted to those who can prove that they hold a doctorate with at least eight years' seniority, and who have obtained a positive report in the accreditation for university senior lecturer with the qualification of "Exceptional" (A) in the evaluation of their research activity.
  • You may apply for accreditation as a professor without having to apply for accreditation as a Senior Lecturer or belong to the body of Senior Lecturers, provided that you have been a doctor for at least eight years:
    • Civil servants belonging to bodies or scales of research personnel for whose entry it is required to hold the title of Doctor.
    • Teaching staff from universities of the Member States of the European Union who have reached a position at least equivalent to that of Senior University Lecturer.