Assessment for the equivalence to a master’s degree of the National Police Corps Inspector's Studies

Regulations and scope of action

The Order of the Ministry of Education of 18 April 2000   regulates the equivalence of the appointment of Inspector of the National Police Corps to a university degree. With the establishment of the new structure of official university courses and degrees conceived by Organic Law 4/2007, which modifies Organic Law 6/2001 on Universities, the need arises to adapt the training of future Inspectors to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area in order to achieve equivalence with the University Master's Degrees.

In this context, ANECA, as requested by the Sub-directorate General for Academic Coordination and Legal Regime of the Ministry of Education, has carried out an evaluation of the correspondence of the National Police Corps Inspector's Degree with the academic level of the Official Master's Degrees. This evaluation is carried out within the committees that evaluate the master’s degrees of the ANECA's VERIFICA programme.

Following ANECA's evaluation of the master's degree proposal, the government has published Order EDU/3125/2011 , which establishes the equivalence of the training leading to the appointment of Inspector of the National Police Corps to the academic level of Official University Master's Degree. The aforementioned order entrusts ANECA with the monitoring and evaluation of this degree.


Results which imply the issue of a favourable report.