Framework for the self-assessment of universities on disability inclusion

Project for the creation of a framework for the self-evaluation of Spanish universities in the improvement of their actions regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities.

This project has sought to become a valuable contribution to guide the design, implementation and review of mechanisms that contribute to the improvement of the actions of universities in the field of inclusion of people with disabilities and people with support needs in the academic environment, and to move towards a meeting of perspectives between higher education institutions, students and other stakeholders involved.

The final result of this initiative, which has taken the form of a collaborative report, has been to provide universities, on the one hand, with a series of elements for reflection to improve their actions in this area and, on the other, with a useful tool for self-revision of their own processes, their integration and their capacity to be sensitive to the demands of external agents, with the aim of contributing, as mentioned above, to the improvement of this fundamental objective in higher education.

The project has involved the participation of 68 Spanish universities, 23 of which have been directly involved in the working group preparing the report.

Following the finalisation of this report, in a subsequent phase, the direct participation of a range of significant stakeholders was sought in order, on the basis of this self-assessment framework, to develop a quality seal that would enable external recognition of the universities' work in this substantive area.

Thus, in the case of the working group that consensually configured the corresponding assessment model, the following agents, among others, were involved: the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI); the ONCE Foundation; the Conference of Social Councils of Spanish Universities (CCS); CRUE Spanish Universities; the Association of University Students with Special Needs; the Coordinating Committee of Representatives of Public University Students (CREUP); Alumni Spain; etc.