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Framework for the self-assessment of Spanish universities to improve their actions aimed at promoting active, critical and responsible citizenship

Within the line of reports on the improvement of quality at the service of the objectives of university education developed by ANECA's Observatory for the quality of the Spanish university system, after addressing two fundamental objectives of higher education such as 'employability' (ANECA, 2021) and 'inclusion' (ANECA, 2023), this third report addresses a line of work that is also central.

ANECA, together with a group of universities and institutions of national reference, will work in this project to identify a core of key facets to be addressed by universities in order to contribute to "active, critical and responsible citizenship" (European Ministers of Higher Education, 2020).

As a result, the project will seek to provide universities with a useful tool for self-revision of their own processes, their integration and their capacity to be responsive to the demands of external agents, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the aforementioned objective.

As in the case of the 'employability' and 'inclusion' objectives, such a tool is intended to be a reference for the improvement of ANECA's current external evaluation programmes and, if necessary, a prelude to an external recognition for universities in this field promoted by this Agency and which would be addressed at a later stage.