Application procedure


When can a request for evaluation be made?

The evaluation procedure is open throughout the year and an application can be submitted at any time.

Only those who submit an application after a negative assessment must wait 6 months from the notification of the negative report to be able to submit a new application.

Where do I submit the application and the printed documentation?

Access to applications in the new app will be through the means available at the Sede Electrónica del Ministerio (Ministry's Electronic Headquarters) It is necessary to have a DNI or NIE number. Useful links:

The signature for the registration of applications shall be made by the means available at the Electronic Headquarters:

  • Traditional signature through a certificate recognised by the @firma suite
  • Non-cryptographic signature, by sending one-time codes to the mobile phone. You must be registered with a cl@ve PIN.
  • Clavefirma, signature on the cloud.

It is necessary to be in possession of DNI or NIE

Useful links:

Procedure for the recovery of data entered in the old application:

  • Access to the new application through Sede Electrónica.
  • The application will give the option to retrieve existing data from the old one. To perform this recovery, the same username and password used to access the old application will be requested.
  • Follow the instructions precisely so as not to lose the information.

Technical incidents will be resolved through the E-Office trouble-shooter::

How are the merits provided justified?

The activities and results that appear in the standard CV form must be accredited by providing the relevant documentation, according to these instructions.

What information can be obtained through the online application?

Through the online consultation, the applicant can access his/her CV to update his/her data, as well as find out the status of his/her file.

Can a single application be submitted simultaneously for several positions?

Yes, interested parties may apply in a single application form for simultaneous evaluation for all the contractual positions they wish.
In the case of the position of CONTRACTED DOCTORAL PROFESSOR, a positive evaluation automatically qualifies the holder to be hired as Assistant Doctoral professor and Private University professor. 

What to do when faced with a negative evaluation decision?

An appeal may be lodged with the Minister of Universities against the negative evaluation decision, sent by the General Secretariat for Universities (SGU in Spanish), within one month of receipt of the notification. After this period, the decision of the SGU shall be final in all respects.  

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