Back 605 contributions have been received to the public consultation on the draft evaluation criteria for the next six-year research call 2023

605 contributions have been received to the public consultation on the draft evaluation criteria for the next six-year research call 2023

  • 20/11/2023

ANECA opened on November 6, for the first time, a public consultation on the evaluation criteria for the six-year research period, which will be applied in the 2023 call. This new way of proceeding, which will be maintained and improved in future revisions of evaluation criteria for this and other ANECA programs, has been particularly appreciated by almost all participants.

After the period established for this consultation, 605 contributions were received from a great diversity of agents of the university and scientific system. In particular, the following participated: university teaching staff; research staff from public research organizations, hospitals and other research centers; research support services and university library publication services; organizations of young researchers and researchers; regional quality agencies; rectors; vice-rectors for research; ethics committees; scientific societies and associations; conferences of deans; organizations specializing in gender issues; associations of Spanish research and scientific staff abroad; trade union organizations; university and scientific publishers; and private publishers, among others.   

The draft evaluation criteria which has been submitted for public consultation has been prepared by ANECA's management, after taking into consideration the contributions of the academic members of the Plenary of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Research Activity (CNEAI), of the presidents of the Committees which have resolved the applications in the 2022 call, of the Advisory Committee for the Evaluation of Teaching Staff (CAEP), as well as of the Committee for the evaluation and monitoring of the state accreditation system created in September.

The contributions received will be immediately studied by these same bodies to consolidate a final version of the evaluation criteria which will be submitted to the Plenary of the CNEAI, which will: guide the scientific evaluation criteria; determine the number of scientific fields, their denomination and the areas assigned to them; and, approve the evaluation criteria and the analysis of the evaluation process for its improvement. At that time, ANECA will make public, in a reasoned manner, all the changes incorporated and derived from this consultation process. 

ANECA's management would like to thank all the persons and entities which have sent their contributions for their collaboration and for their rigor and constructive nature.