The Quality Management System

The Quality Management System

ANECA's quality management system focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the services it provides to the university community, enhancing the satisfaction of stakeholders and general society.

The quality management system, developed by ANECA, relies on the active involvement of all of its staff, having as reference:

  • The mission, vision and values defined by the management
  • ANECA’s Strategic Plan 2019-2023.
  • The guidelines set by European standards.

The Agency's Management has promoted the development and implementation of the internal quality management system as a means of managing change and improving processes, allowing:

  • Systematisation of all processes for analysis, review and improvement.
  • Continuous optimisation of processes and renewal of objectives meeting stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Compliance with minimum standards ensuring the quality of service provided to universities.
  • Identification opportunities for improvement, increasing efficiency and the facilitation of tasks.

The agency's Process Map allows us to understand how each process works as it provides a precise and reliable representation of the agency's global vision and contributes to its improvement.

Within this framework, ANECA has defined and promoted a quality policy that guides the entire organization to meet stakeholder satisfaction in its services offered to the Spanish university system.


The system’s procedures cover each division and unit's main processes and provide complete information to ensure the effective operation and monitoring of each of the evaluations, certifications, and accreditations.

These procedures highlight the inputs and outputs of the process, the responsibilities of each stage of development and decision-making.

Identifying the agency’s new procedures and planning, reviews and updates facilitate the consolidation and improvement of ANECA's Quality Management System.

The Process Map defines the relationship of each established process and interaction.

Review of the quality management system

ANECA carry out a system review, which includes a check of the procedures necessary to develop new activities .

In addition, a review of the process indicators will be carried out to detect any possible need for amendments and improvements.