The European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) underscore the need for accountability toward stakeholders and for continuous enhancement of the institution's activities, centred at all times on the students.

For the agency to maintain the appropriate social orientation, it is paramount that it should take into consideration different stakeholders' viewpoints. In this sense, obtaining and analysing the appropriate information will lead to a well-grounded internal reflection that is aligned with a "culture of continuous enhancement".

In this manner, having identified the stakeholders it should keep in mind throughout its quality assurance activities, ANECA strives to satisfy the requirements of such collectives insofar as the agency's areas of responsibility are concerned.

For this purpose, mechanisms have been set up for obtaining useful information on aspects such as, for example, students’ and society’s perception of ANECA's services, requests for information and, also, the enhancement of the institution's activities allowing it to satisfy its stakeholders as far as possible within its mandate.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that this initiative is complementary to the review processes for the enhancement of the evaluation procedures that are carried out periodically by the agency. Although these review processes involve a detailed analysis of each of the evaluation procedures, in this case a more general approach is taken with greater emphasis on pinpointing and understanding the different concerns among the range of agents with regard to the role of ANECA measured against their interests and expectations.

Report on the levels of satisfaction among stakeholders with respect to the activities of ANECA: