Scientific structure and fields

The CNEAI is chaired by the head of ANECA and is made up of a representative appointed by each of the autonomous communities, with the rank of director general and with competence in university and/or research matters. The Secretary General for Universities acts as Vice-President.

The CNEAI is also made up of twelve academic and research staff appointed by the Secretary of State with responsibility for universities. The secretariat of the CNEAI is held by the head of ANECA's Teacher Evaluation Division, who will also be a full member. 

The composition of the CNEAI is as follows:

  • President

    Pilar Paneque Salgado, Director of ANECA

  • Vice-President

    Jose Manuel Pingarrón, Secretary General for Universities

  • Members

    One representative appointed by each of the Autonomous Communities with competence in university and/or research matters, and at least the rank of Director General.

    Twelve academics and researchers, appointed by the General Secretariat for Universities:

    • Ms. Alicia Troncoso Lora.
    • Mr. Francisco Bartolomé Pérez Bernal.
    • Mr. Roberto Rodríguez Aramayo.
    • Ms. María del Mar Miralles Quirós.
    • Ms. Pilar Santisteban Sanz.
    • Mr. Ernesto Eseverri Martínez.
    • Ms. Amparo Alonso Betanzos.
    • Mr. José Antonio Caride Gómez.
    • Mr. Joaquim Brugué Torruella.
    • Ms. María del Mar Loren Méndez.
    • Mr. José Miguel Martínez Carrión.
    • Ms. María Victoria Escribano Paño.
  • Secretary

    Susana Quicios Molina, director of the Teacher Evaluation Division of ANECA.

The CNEAI seeks advice from the scientific community through advisory committees, one for each scientific field. In order to participate in the evaluation, it is necessary to hold a university professorship or have the status of Research Professor, and to have obtained three or more six-year research periods.