Problemas sede electrónica

Debido a problemas técnicos en la sede electrónica, no es posible iniciar nuevos expedientes de manera temporal. Estamos trabajando en la resolución de esta incidencia.

Gender and Inclusion Policies in SIACES Good Practices Project

In the framework of SIACES, ANECA is part of the working team of the initiative 'Inclusion and Gender Policies in SIACES Good Practices' led by CNA Chile. This initiative seeks to review the Principles of Good Practice (PBP) from a gender perspective. Specifically, the aim of this initiative is for accreditation agencies to incorporate a gender equality and equity perspective from the shared quality benchmarks. Thus, the work will be aimed at laying the foundations for validating the policies and practices in the management of the agencies themselves, and at generating knowledge on gender equality and equity in the scope of their work.