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Study on Quality Assurance in European University Alliances, European Degrees and Micro-credentials in the Spanish University System

Initiatives taken by the EU to advance the creation of a European Education Area, in synergy with the European Research Area, include promoting the establishment of 'European Universities', examining the development of a 'European degree' capable of providing a framework to facilitate the delivery of joint degrees in university partnerships, such as 'European Universities', as well as exploring the concept and use of 'micro-credentials' to help widen learning opportunities and strengthen the role of higher education, providing more flexible and modular lifelong learning opportunities, offering more inclusive learning, to reach a more diverse student body.  

ANECA, which has already been actively participating in European forums where the quality assurance of 'European Universities' and the different approaches to the concept of 'European degrees' and 'micro-credentials' are being discussed and worked on, wanted to take a step forward by proposing the present study among Spanish universities, with the ultimate aim of promoting, from quality assurance, innovative and flexible models of teaching and learning that respond to the current challenges of the University in Europe, while paying attention to its commitment to excellence in education, research and transfer for global competitiveness.