Tareas de mantenimiento

Debido a tareas de mantenimiento, las aplicaciones y la página web de ANECA no estarán disponible el próximo sábado 27 de julio de 2024. Disculpen las molestias.


The Directorate is the single-person executive body with the highest responsibility for the day-to-day management of ANECA. The Director of the Agency is appointed by the Governing Council for a period of three years, extendible for a further period of up to three years, which further strengthens ANECA's independence as an autonomous body.

Pilar Paneque Salgado was appointed Director of ANECA on 28 February 2023.

All ANECA directors

The directorship of ANECA is a position:

  • With absolute dedication.
  • Full independence and total objectivity.
  • It is not subject to a mandatory injunction.
  • Does not receive express instructions from any authority regarding academic or assessment decisions.
  • In the event of absence, vacancy or illness, the person appointed Manager of the body shall assume the functions, except for those functions that are strictly academic in nature, for which the substitution shall be exercised by the person in charge of the management of the Evaluation Divisions, in their respective areas.