Call for submissions 2022

CNEAI evaluations are carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations published in the BOE on an annual basis. The call for 2022 is set out in the Resolution of 23 December 2022, of the General Secretariat for Universities, which approves the call for the evaluation of research activity (BOE of 5 January 2023) .

  • The period for applications is 16 January to 6 February 2023.


Evaluation advisory committees and specialists

  • Structure: The appointment of advisory and expert committees shall be for a period of one year, which may be renewed for a further year, except in the case of chairmanships, which may be renewed for two years.
  • Criteria and procedure for selection and renewal: To be a member of these committees it is necessary to hold a university professorship or to have the status of Research Professor, with 3 or more six-year research periods.
  • Composition



In the evaluation, the general criteria established in Article 7 of the Order of 2 December 1994 and in the third paragraph of Order CNU/1181/2019 of 3 December are applied. These general criteria are complemented by the specific criteria approved for each of the fields of evaluation by resolution of the CNEAI of 21 November 2022. Likewise, ANECA publishes the guidelines for the application of the evaluation criteria in the applications for the current call for six-year research fellowships.