Partnership agreements

ANECA, in its mission to promote and ensure the quality of higher education and the university system, maintains institutional relations, agreements and national and international collaborations with other bodies and institutions, which work to strengthen the knowledge system.  

Agreements with higher education and scientific research institutions

Spanish institutions carry out evaluations, certifications and accreditations regulated by current standards through partnership agreements with ANECA, as well as other quality assurance processes, that could be requested by higher education and research institutions all over the world (research centres, schools, etc).

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Agreements with public bodies and other organisations for quality assurance

Public bodies of the Spanish Government (Ministries, Autonomous Communities, etc.) and other countries, as well as other organisations (foundations, social agencies, etc.) in their different areas of work (equality, cooperation, sustainability, health, culture, etc.) roll out activities related to knowledge, Higher Education, research or transfer, the quality of which may be assessed by ANECA. 

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