Problemas sede electrónica

Debido a problemas técnicos en la sede electrónica, no es posible iniciar nuevos expedientes de manera temporal. Estamos trabajando en la resolución de esta incidencia.


As a result of the experience gained through the work carried out in ANECA for more than two decades, the Agency facilitates channels for accompanying higher education institutions and organisations linked to university quality assurance.

Reference guides
ANECA has made available to the quality teams of Higher Education Institutions in the Latin American and Caribbean region the document 'Guidelines for the self-assessment of Higher Education Institutions in the Ibero-American Knowledge Area'. This Guide aims to be a useful tool to accompany these institutions so that, while respecting their autonomy, they can find keys of interest that, firstly, guarantee the adoption of inclusive, participatory and representative decisions that respond to the needs of the main stakeholders; secondly, help to guide their internal reflection exercise to ensure and improve quality in their core activities; and, thirdly, have an impact on the strengthening of the configuration of effective and transparent educational institutions, capable of being accountable to the society to which they owe their duties.

Internships in ANECA for staff of organisations from other countries linked to quality assurance
ANECA, within formally established cooperation frameworks, has welcomed in recent years, through internships, staff from different agencies to promote the exchange of experiences. 

This is the case, for example, of the visit in mid-March 2023 of members of the management team of the Albanian quality agency, ASCAL, within the Staff Mobility project; this project is part of the initiative 'Implementation and Innovation in QA through peer learning' (IMINQA) promoted by The Bologna Thematic Peer Group on Quality Assurance.