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Back 878 applications for tenure-track faculty evaluated in June 2024

878 applications for tenure-track faculty evaluated in June 2024

  • 28/06/2024

83% of the resolutions for Full Professor have been favorable, as well as 94% for Full Professor

The data published are those corresponding to the minutes closed before June 27. Therefore, it has not been possible to collect the data of the accreditation commissions 23, 24, 25 and 26 of the ACADEMIA program, with collegiate sessions still in progress.

The number of files resolved is higher than in May, despite the fact that those of these four commissions (Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences I and II and History and Philosophy) are missing.

These data continue to be, in general, very positive in terms of the time taken to resolve applications, which remains the same or even decreases in most of the commissions. There are now 22 committees that take between 3 and 6.1 months to reach a positive or negative decision; in May there were 19.

The two commissions of Educational Sciences continue to improve their resolution times, and commission 8 (Health Specialties I) has dropped from 8.3 months in May to 5.5 months in June. Commission 18 (Law II) has reached an average time of 4.1 months.

In July this progression is expected to continue, thanks to the efforts of all the commissions to resolve as soon as possible the applications submitted by March 31 (RD 1312/2007) and to start resolving those submitted as of April 1 (RD 678/2023). The commissions in need of more members will be reinforced shortly.

Results of the ACADEMIA Program June 2024:

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