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Back ANECA finalist in the bid for innovation in the public sector

ANECA finalist in the bid for innovation in the public sector

  • 27/06/2024

Within the framework of the XIV National Congress of Innovation and Public Services (CNIS), which this year was presented under the slogan Empowering the Future: More Digital, Intelligent, Collaborative and Proactive Administrations, ANECA has been finalist in the first edition of the "Innovision: Innovate, Learn and Succeed" Contest.

This competition, in which up to 8 public sector organizations can participate and which takes place in a contest format, seeks to create and implement innovative projects while seeking to complement the theoretical and practical training in innovation, to promote the real implementation of improvement initiatives, to value the public innovators of our institutions and to contribute to the dissemination and awareness of the importance of innovation in the public sector.

After a first phase in which an analysis of reality and opportunities is carried out, the projects are submitted to an eliminatory voting system, followed by a second phase of prototyping and testing with users, data collection and analysis of results. At the end of this process, only 4 finalists will present their project at the congress.

The Agency has presented the project "Towards the evaluator's portal", a comprehensive platform that seeks to generate a base information repository that guarantees multidirectional communication, interoperability with internal and external applications, as well as the implementation of other technologies that allow the overexploitation of the information available to the public.

This portal aims to be the meeting point between the information provided by the Agency's staff (internal users) and the evaluators (external users), allowing to change the work culture and the improvement of communication, generating a common heritage and a space of cohesion and coherence.

ANECA's participation in this Congress, in which 221 organizations of the public administration have taken part, with more than 1000 participants and 170 projects, shows the agency's firm will to be an agent of change and an active part in the transformation which is taking place in the public administration, creating synergies and weaving collaboration networks with the rest of public entities which are committed to innovation, debureaucratization and simplification of processes.