Back ANECA issues 97 favorable reports for the renewal of bachelor degrees

ANECA issues 97 favorable reports for the renewal of bachelor degrees

  • 20/11/2023

Likewise, 8 favorable accreditation reports have been issued for doctoral programs

University degrees must periodically undergo the renewal of their accreditation by the Council of Universities, either as part of the renewal of the institutional accreditation of centers, or as a procedure which requires the evaluation of each degree by the quality agency, in the case of centers which are not institutionally accredited. ANECA carries out this assessment through the ACREDITA procedure.

Therefore, the objective of the ACREDITA procedure is the evaluation of official university degrees for the renewal of their accreditation. This evaluation is carried out on a cyclical basis and has a twofold objective: to check whether the degree is being carried out in accordance with the objectives established in its initial project (by which it obtained the status of official degree) and to check whether its results are adequate and contribute to the training of students and the achievement, therefore, of the planned objectives. The result of this evaluation process is a final report, in favorable or unfavorable terms, for the renewal of accreditation.

Between January and November of this year, ANECA has issued 8 reports for the renewal of the accreditation of doctoral programs, and 97 for bachelor degrees, all of them favorable.

In the case of bachelor degrees, the breakdown by branch is as follows:

ACREDITA-Degree Program Reports (January-November 2023)

Rama Nº de informes emitidos
Artes y Humanidades 18
Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas 41
Ciencias 11
Ciencias de la Salud 9
Ingeniería y Arquitectura 18