Participation in international actions

ANECA contributes to the internationalisation of the Spanish university system, together with leading institutions and organisations, in different international forums and events.

  • 2022 Barcelona: UNESCO World Higher Education Conference
  • 2022 France: Evaluation: an Essential Step Towards the European Higher Education Area
  • 2022 Cuba: International Higher Education Congress, University 2022
  • 2021 Moldavia: Visit to ANECA of delegation from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova.
  • 2021 India: 16Th FICCI Higher Education Summit (Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India)
  • 2020 Chile: “Quality in Times of Uncertainty” seminar series organised by the G9 network of Chilean universities.
  • 2020 México: 18th International Distance Education
  • 2020 Colombia: International Forum on Learning Outcomes and Quality in Higher Education
  • 2020 Colombia: 2Nd International Forum on Quality Assurance in Higher Education Assessment Mechanisms and Criteria within the Framework of Institutional Diversity