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Institutional visits to the universities of Valladolid, Pablo de Olavide and Comillas

Publication date: 10/12/2021

visita Universidad de Valladolid

The ANECA Directorate maintains its round of visits to Spanish Universities to share ANECA’s plans of action with the rectors and hear the institutions’ concerns first-hand. In the second half of November, visits were made to the University of Valladolid, the University of Pablo de Olavide (Seville) and the University of Pontifical de Comillas (Madrid).


The director of ANECA, Mercedes Siles Molina, and the president of the Agency's Internationalisation Commission, José Ángel Domínguez, made an institutional visit to the University of Valladolid on the 16th November, where they met with the rector, Antonio Largo, and the Vice-Rector for Teaching Staff, Javier de Frutos, as well as the Vice-Rector for Academic Planning, Teresa Parra. The meeting is part of a series of meetings that the director of ANECA is carrying out with the rectors and the management teams of the country's universities to reform the processes of accreditation of teaching staff and institutions and explain the changes ANECA is promoting to contribute to the continuous improvement of the Spanish university system.


On the 22nd November, Mercedes Siles Molina met with Francisco Oliva Blázquez, the rector of the Pablo de Olavide University, and then later with several people from the government: José Antonio Sánchez Medina, Vice-Rector for Strategy and Academic Planning; Raúl Giráldez Rojo, Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation and Quality; Antonia Jiménez Rodríguez, Vice President for Research; Estefanía Rodríguez Santo, Vice-Rector for Teaching Staff and Amapola Povedano, Academic Director for Employability. The visit served to hear the Seville University’s concerns and to review the changes promoted by the Agency.



The round of institutional meetings continued on the 24th with a visit to the Comillas Pontifical University, where the director of ANECA met with the rector, Enrique Sanz Giménez-Rico, to explain the Agency’s most significant achievements during his mandate. The meeting also served to present the services offered by ANECA and determine the needs of the University of Comillas first-hand.