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Announcing ANECA’s Hélice Award for Academic Excellence

Publication date: 20/10/2021


The National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) has announced the Hélice Award for Academic Excellence with the aim of acknowledging teaching staff of Spanish universities and other higher education institutions that have stood out for their commitment to academia and excellent public service in accordance with the agency’s quality-driven principles and values.

The award will be granted by Mercedes Siles Molina, director of ANECA, on an annual basis to one female and one male teacher at a Spanish higher education institution. Spanish universities or higher education institutions may submit nominations of their research, teaching and knowledge transfer staff, , outlining their qualitative merits in commitment to academic excellence in line with ANECA’s quality values as set out in the appendix.
Nominations for 2021 will be accepted from 20 October 2021. The deadline for submission is 20 November 2021. The first edition of the ANECA Hélice Award for Academic Excellence will be awarded during ANECA’s 20th anniversary celebration on 21 December 2021 in Madrid. The winners will receive a diploma and helix-shaped trophy representing the ANECA logo.
The award jury will be made up of:

  • The Minister for Universities
  • The President of the European Association for Quality in Higher Education (ENQA)
  • The Director of ANECA
  • The Agency will provide the jury with a technical assessment of the nominations received, prepared by a Technical Committee formed by:
  • Chair: a person appointed by ANECA's management
  • Secretary: the manager of ANECA


  • The General Secretary for Universities
  • Two rectors nominated by the Conference of the Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE)
  • Two substitutes, who will act in the event that the university of any of the nominees has submitted a nomination.

The ANECA Hélice Award for Academic Excellence aims to promote the recognition of Spanish higher education in the international arena and the transparency of the Higher Education System in Spanish society, encouraging the quality of academic achievements in Spanish universities and higher education institutions..