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2021 Meta-Evaluation of the International Quality Labels Programme (IQL)

Publication date: 17/11/2021

Comisión EuroINF

ANECA started the 2021 meta-evaluation of its International Quality Labels (IQL) program to identify improvements to be implemented in the 2022 call.  This annual evaluation goal is based on the results obtained in the satisfaction surveys completed by the universities and evaluators who participate in the IQL program each year.

The university satisfaction survey has two parts. One, related to the work carried out by the panels of experts, who have evaluated the programs in each call, and another, to identify opportunities for improvement in the International Quality Labels Programme in general. The satisfaction survey aims to identify improvements in the procedure, evaluation, and communication with ANECA, as well as visits to the university.
The meta-evaluation process was launched in mid-November, after receiving all the provisional evaluation reports of the 2021 call for the EUR-ACE® engineering, Euro-Inf computing, Euro-labels® chemistry and Non-Face-to-Face and Hybrid Teaching (ENPHI), and after holding meetings with the four commissions attached to ANECA's International Quality Labels Programme (IQL):

  • EUR-ACE® Commission ANECA-IIE
  • Euro-Inf Commission ANECA-CCII-CONCITI  
  • Euro-labels® Commission ANECA-RESQ
  • ENPHI® Commission ANECA

The four commissions will meet again in January to analyse any claims made until 21st December 2021. The commissions attached to the IQL programme include a total of 53 evaluators from different countries: Spain, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Colombia and France.  In total, 71 training programs have been evaluated, and the following labels have been distributed: EURACE, 49; EUROINF, 5; EUROLABEL, 2 and ENPHI, 15.
At the end of November, contact was made with the universities that expressed interest in participating in the next call to formally submit their applications. The planning of the 2022 call is expected to begin in the month of December. Universities interested in participating must provide all documentation for the evaluation process to ANECA in May. Virtual visits to the centres of the evaluated programmes have been scheduled for the month of September 2022.