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Universities getting involved: teaching performance assessment

Publication date: 27/02/2013

José María Sanz and Rafael Van Grieken opened the conference.

More than 230 participants attended the Conference on Best Practices of the ANECA´s DOCENTIA Programme. The purpose of this conference was to share experiences in order to achieve an efficient, flexible and improved teaching assessment model.

Rafael Van Grieken, Director of ANECA, and José María Sanz Martínez, Rector of the Autonomous University of Madrid, officially opened the conference, which took place on the 26th of February at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the Autonomous University of Madrid. Both pointed out the importance of teaching performance assessment requested by universities themselves and focused on finding a procedure and a model that ensure high-quality teachers.

Throughout the meeting  best practices of the DOCENTIA Programme, aimed to support university teaching performance assessment, were shared. Conference attendants made a critical review of current models, sharing found solutions to common problems and underlined the enhancements achieved by this assessment, which in spite of being voluntary has reached a great number of participating universities.

The importance of this kind of assessment for managing the quality of university teaching staff, as well as for encouraging its development and recognition was unanimous. Besides, the necessary simplification of the model and the institutional engagement needed to reach an agreement on the consequences of the evaluation was agreed. The attendants also acknowledged the role of the evaluators assisting the process and committed to strengthen universities’ self-regulation.