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Renewal of ANECA's Inclusion on EQAR

Publication date: 09/05/2013

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ANECA´s application for renewal of inclusion on the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR) has been favorably considered by EQAR´s Register Committee. This approval means our inclusion on the Register shall now be valid for the next five years.

Along the assessment process, the Register Committee has paid particular attention to the results of the external review undertaken by ENQA to verify ANECA´s compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines, criteria established by the European quality assurance agencies. Besides, the Register Committee has pointed out the improvements reported since ANECA´s first assessment and has also suggested certain enhancement issues.

Besides confirming ANECA´s fulfilment of the quality assurance criteria established by the governments of the European Higher Education Area, the external review undertaken and its following inclusion on the European Register endorses the compromise of the Agency with quality and ensures the highest standards in our processes. Our inclusion on EQAR also confirms that our method of operating is, as expected in any quality assurance institution, transparent, legal and strict in conduct as well as consistent with the European recommendations. EQAR´s support is a guarantee of ANECA´s culture of accountability.