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Analysis of Health Sciences Study Plans

Publication date: 25/02/2013

Analysis of Health Sciences Study Plans

As our primary goal is to contribute to the constant enhancement of the Spanish university system, ANECA has conducted a survey of the standards and criteria used to assess Health Sciences Study Plans throughout the period 2008-2011.

This analysis has revealed interesting facts such as: increasing number of students, new degrees and resources found within this field of knowledge, and changes in the training provided under Health Sciences Programs.

The assessment committee in charge of this degree program proposals has carefully considered the criteria and standards used during the period 2008-2011. This document explains the decisions and efforts universities were requested to make, and also evaluates the herculean task performed prior to assessing the conformity of all study programmes offered in Spanish higher education institutions with the Bologna Process recommendations. All the information provided on this analysis will help to improve the follow-up and confirmation of accreditation procedures