Teaching Performance Assessment

In a higher education context of universities committing themselves to the enhancement of the quality of their programmes, evaluation of the university teaching staff level of professional competence arises as one of the most trustful elements to ensure universities capacity to fulfil their compromise with society.

Within this new framework, universities assume more responsibility in monitoring teachers’ recruitment and appointment, teaching performance evaluation and teaching training in order to ensure their professional competence.

Teaching performance assessment, so far underdeveloped, becomes an aspect of special relevance as long as educational programmes quality assurance ensures a suitable planification, development and enhancement of the teaching performance.

With this programme, ANECA tries to satisfy the demands from the universities and also to provide the educational sytem with patterns and procedures that ensure teaching quality and foster teachers´ development and recognition.

The design of this programme favours universities autonomy in a basic aspect for its transformation and growth: teaching staff quality. In that sense, this programme guides universities and fosters the increasingly important role they can play in the evaluation of teacher´s performance and in the development of teacher training plans.

This programme also considers ANECA commitment to take part in and support the different levels of technical collaboration with universities, regional agencies and educational authorities from regional governments. From that point of view, this programme wants to be open to the participation of the aforementioned institutions.