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Evaluation and Certification Committees

To conduct the evaluation of Internal Quality Assurance Systems (IQAS) according to the AUDIT Model, the Agency avails of a panel of experts composed of the chair, the secretary and up to three representatives.

From this evaluation, the committee issues a report that is subsequently submitted to the certification committee. The conclusions and recommendations given in this report determine whether or not the ANECA Certificate is awarded to the design submitted by the university for one, several or all of its centres.

In the case of IQAS implementation evaluation at any of the applicant university's centres, the evaluation committee will be composed of a team of auditors, experts in IQAS and in particular in the AUDIT Model. As a general rule, audit teams may be composed of: chief auditor, auditor, trainee auditor and student, selected from those approved by ANECA for this task.

As in the case of design, the reports prepared by the audit teams are finally submitted for appraisal to the Certification Committee, composed as a rule by the Director of ANECA, Agency Coordinators, vice-rectors or ex vice-rectors of universities other than those being evaluated, and a university student. This, therefore, is the organ with the capacity to decide whether or not to award IQAS implementation certificates to the university centres.

All auditors and experts attend a course of training before taking part in the procedure.
Committee members' screening is conducted as set forth in the documents: