Academic Staff Recruitment Assessment Programme

The Academic Staff Recruitment Assessment Programme (PEP) set up by ANECA assess academics´ teaching and researching performance as a compulsory requirement for hiring by public or private universities.

Concerning university professor’s recruitment, a previous positive evaluation conducted by ANECA, or the competent regional quality assurance agency, is a compulsory requirement prior to recruitment. ANECA has responsibility for and authority over all Spanish higher education institutions. These evaluations are free of charge and compulsory before contracting teaching or researching staff.

Besides, the Royal Decree on University Professor Habilitation establishes that a habilitation process qualifies to sit for civil servant exams for a public university position. It is a compulsory requirement before applying to any position belonging to the civil servants´ category and ANECA is entitled to undertake this process in five cases, always under the request of the Coordination Council.

Scope of action

Evaluation prior to recruitment by Public Universities of:

  • PhD assistant lecturers
  • PhD lecturers
  • Private universities must have at least 60% of their PhD academic staff positively evaluated by ANECA.

ANECA shall issue a positive or negative report, under the request of the Universities Coordination Council, in the following cases:

  • To exempt University Professors from fulfilling the established requirements when undertaking a habilitation process.
  • To report about the interest of allowing university professors from other European Union countries to take part in the habilitation committees.
  • To report about the interest of allowing professors on extended leave on abscence teaching at private universities to take part in the habilitation committees.
  • To let professors from other European Union countries attain a habilitation process.
  • To report about modifying the name of the contractual position obtained into another one that corresponds to the same field of knowledge.
  • Another scope of action refers to salary bonuses awarded by the competent regional authority or any other incentive to encourage better teaching and research, awarded by the central government.

Legal framework

  • The Spanish Universities Act  : Requires that, for the recruitment by public universities of post-dissertation doctoral teaching assistants and non-civil servant tenured lecturers, preliminary positive assessment of their activity by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain or the external assessment body established under the law of the Autonomous Community is necessary.The Spanish Universities Act also calls for at least twenty five percent of the teaching staff at private universities to be holders of a PhD degree and to have obtained positive assessment of their teaching and research activity by one of the aforementioned bodies.
  • Royal Decree 1062/2002 , which regulates the procedure for obtaining ANECA evaluation prior to academic staff hiring.


Two years after the start of ANECA´s teaching staff evaluation programme, the procedure suffered some changes in order to ease the process. Main modifications were intended to make the process clearer, quicker and more transaparent. These changes were introduced within ANECA´s mission framework.

Main modifications were designed to consider the applicant´s career globally, underlining his/her teaching experience. It also introduced a permanent support for the applicant.