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The informatics- to achieve EURO-INF accreditation seal

The EURO-INF label is a certificate awarded to an HEI either directly by EQANIE or an authorised agency in respect of each Informatics degree programme that has been assessed according to a series of set standards, in accordance with the principles of quality, relevance, transparency, recognition and mobility as provided for in the EHEA.


The EURO-INF label is internationally recognised and facilitates both academic and professional mobility in that it helps to pinpoint high quality Informatics degree programmes both in Europe and elsewhere and takes into consideration the points of view of the main stakeholders (students, HEIs, employers, professional organisations and accreditation agencies).

European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education (EQANIE)  is the European association that, since 2009, has guided the issuance of the EURO-INF label, either directly or through agencies and other bodies that deal with the accreditation and quality assurance of degree programmes in Informatics according to established European framework standards and accreditation criteria and that the skills and competences defined under the EURO-INF label have been acquired by graduates of these programmes. There are currently various authorised agencies in Europe that issue the EURO-INF label (ASIIN in Germany and the British Computer Society in the UK), although up until now there was no agency authorised by EQANIE to issue the quality label in Spain.


In this regard, the Consejo general de Colegios de Ingeniería en Informática   (CCII, the Spanish professional body for Computer Engineering), and the Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Ingeniería Técnica en Informática   (CONCITI, the Spanish professional body for Technical Engineering in Informatics) as the representative institutions in Spain of professions in informatics and computer engineering, and ANECA, the main actor in national accreditation, have identified the present time as ideal for a joint collaboration to promote quality and the international recognition of First and Second Cycle degree programmes in Informatics in Spain.

Programme Tools:

A course called ·”Información del Programa de Sellos Internacionales de Calidad” spanish flag has been created in Moodle platform for facilitate the access to the following technical documentation to all the Stakeholders in this assessment:

  • Price of assessment.
  • Assessment procedure.
  • Assessment Criteria.
  • Guidelines for evaluating learning outcomes.
  • Templates used during the assessment by the universities and ANECA.

Access to this course is done from the section "Invitado" (in Spanish) of the following link  with the password: Aneca2018