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Certification stage in implementation of IQAS

Following the certification of the university's IQAS design, the next stage commences. This consists of its implementation at the centre, to promote the continuous enhancement of the processes developed.

The main objectives in the implementation certification stage for Internal Quality Assurance Systems are:
1.To certify the implementation of Internal Quality Assurance Systems, enabling public recognition and dissemination of the level of maturity reached in the IQAS implementation process.
2.To assist institutions with guidance to internal evaluation of the level of implementation of IQAS in the education provided, for enhancement purposes.

Evaluation of iQAS implementation will be performed on the basis of the criteria and guidelines defined in the AUDIT Procedure documentation, 'Guidelines, Definition and Documentation on Internal Quality Assurance Systems in University Education'. The overriding aim, therefore, is to verify the proper implementation of IQAS and their effectiveness.

Having concluded the pilot stage conducted throughout 2013, the Agency has validated the Model that governs the Certification Process. This is the reason why ANECA has established an open call for Spanish universities that have implemented an Internal Quality Assurance System in accordance with the AUDIT Model, and are interested in participating in an audit for obtaining the IQAS implementation certification at the selected centres, as per the "Guide to the Certification Model for implementing Internal Quality Assurance System" and its annexes.

Consult the attached documents for details of the stages and conditions governing this process.

At present, the AUDIT Procedure is open to applications for IQAS implementation certification at participant universities/centres.

Universities wishing to submit an application should use Annex I to the Certification Guide, indicating the number of centres to be included in the process. As appropriate, they should also state whether they request pre-evaluation activities (optional).


Applications may be submitted at any time, and no processing deadline is in place.The universities evaluated by ANECA should send their applications to: