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Certification of IQAS design

The Internal Quality Assurance System designed by the centre must meet the criteria established in the ANECA Guide to IQAS design taking into consideration stakeholders' quality requirements with regard to university education provision, especially focused on students.

Consult the documentation for developing IQAS design:

During the design evaluation stage, a favourable report implies ANECA's acceptance of the proposal as valid and an invitation for the university to commence the implementation stage of its Internal Quality Assurance System.

In the current all, the most outstanding features are:

1.Open call. No dates are set for opening or closing the call; this remains open as of 2011.
2.Continuous evaluation. Evaluation of the IQAS submitted will be performed on a continuous basis.
3.Formalising participation. Universities participating for the first time should send an application, followed by the agreement signed by the Rector, as per the model established in the Certification Guide.
This further implies that Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degrees evaluated by ANECA within the VERIFICA Procedure, proposed by centres or universities holding a positive AUDIT report, will also receive a positive evaluation under the specific criterion for the Quality Assurance System stated in the report that, compliant with Royal Decree 1393/2007, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010, and Royal Decree 99/2011, must be issued to request ex ante accreditation of official degrees.

In like manner, Royal Decree 420/2015 envisages a number of benefits for centres attaining institutional accreditation. Therefore, the design of the AUDIT Procedure favours the development of other procedures such as VERIFICA, MONITOR and ACREDITA.

Certification of Internal Quality Assurance System design is a necessary preliminary step toward obtaining certification of its implementation. This stage is open to all universities or centres wishing to take part.

Call application procedure

An application to participate should be submitted by each of the centres wishing to take part in the all, to the e-mail address . Universities aiming to design a single IQAS for all of their centres should submit a single application.

The final reports on the external evaluation processes conducted on the IQAS will be published on the ANECA website ( ).