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Members of the Expert Review Panels

  • The chair, an academic with experience as an expert panel member in programme validation, monitoring and accreditation.
  • One or several academic members from the field of science or technology relevant to the programme being assessed.
  • One student, preferably from the same scientific/technical field as the programme being assessed, with training in QA processes.
  • At the request of the university, the panel may include an international or professional evaluator. In such cases, any expenses deriving from the presence of this evaluator will be borne by the university.

The panel is supported at all times by a member of ANECA responsible for providing methodological assistance throughout the process and to liaise with the coordinators of the degree programme under assessment.

In order to guarantee consistency in the assessment of some aspects of the accreditation model that are usually common for a given university, certain accreditation model guidelines, applicable to all degrees at that university are examined in advance by an expert:

  • Criterion 3, Internal Quality Assurance System, is assessed by an expert in the assessment of Internal Quality Assurance Systems implemented at universities.
  • Guideline 2.1 for the criterion Information and Transparency is addressed by a technician provided by ANECA responsible for assessing the public information available for all the degree courses at a given university.

The above expert analyses are forwarded to the panel of experts as data with which to conduct their own appraisals.