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Duties of the Panels of Experts

The members of the panel of experts will perform the following tasks:

Prior to the Site Visit:
  • In an initial phase, the experts individually assess the assessment model criteria and enter their individual appraisals in the electronic application provided by ANECA to the ACREDITA Procedure panels of experts.
  • Having completed their assessments, the ANECA member giving technological support to the panel will combine the evaluators' individual appraisals into a single document, and a meeting attended by all panel members will be held in preparation for the visit.

The aims of this meeting are:

  • To compare the opinions of panel members.
  • To conduct a joint review of the evidence provided by the universities.
  • To revise the report analyses drafted by the expert responsible for assessing Criterion 3, the Internal Quality Assurance System and the technical analysis by ANECA of Guideline 2.1 for the Criterion Information and Transparency.
  • To establish an action plan for the site visit to the university. This plan will comprise a visit agenda establishing the key groups to be interviewed in a series of sessions, the questions and aspects to be discussed at each session, the specific premises to be visited, etc.

After this preparatory meeting, the ANECA technician supporting the panel will forward the agenda for the site visit to the university.

During the site visit:

The panel of experts will proceed with the planned interviews and with the visit to the key, previously selected premises, and to review any evidence presented.  

After the site visit:

The panel chair, in collaboration with the rest of panel members, will draft the site visit report. The ANECA technician assigned to the panel will provide assistance.
Panel agreement will be reached by consensus, so that decisions by the evaluation teams are made collectively.
The report issued by the panel of experts will be raised to the Accreditation Committee.