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Relation between ACREDITA and other ANECA Evaluation Procedures

The ACREDITA Procedure is closely related to the VERIFICA   and MONITOR   degree assessment Procedures. These Procedures generate degree assessment reports that serve as the baseline for accreditation ex post as foreseen in the ACREDITA Procedure.

Moreover, a number of ANECA's assessment procedures focusing on universities' institutional aspects, namely AUDIT   and DOCENTIA , provide synergies to be taken into account in the assessment of university degrees via the ACREDITA Procedure.

In addition to the ACREDITA Procedure, ANECA has set in motion the ACREDITA PLUS   Procedure aiming to offer the possibility of obtaining international seals of renowned prestige in sectors closely linked to the exercise of a profession, in a single process simultaneously with accreditation renewal.
In section 6 of the Framework Document Assessment for the accreditation of recognised undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree programmes . Details are given below of the relation between the various ANECA Procedures and the ACREDITA Procedure.