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Evaluation Activities

ANECA has developed several evaluation Programmes in order to perform its activities (evaluation, certification and accreditation):

Academic Staff Evaluation Procedure:

  •  PEP: evaluates the CVs of applicants to access non-civil servant academic staff bodies.
  •  ACADEMIA: evaluates CVs of applicants to access civil-servant academic staff bodies.
  •  CNEAI: The CNEAI is the body within ANECA responsible for the evaluation of research activity for the purposes of assigning the corresponding retribution complements, as per applicable regulations.

Programme Evaluation Procedure:

  •   VERIFICA: evaluates degree proposals designed according to EHEA criteria.
  •    MONITOR: follows-up an ex-ante accredited programme to check its correct implementation and results.
  •    ACREDITA: checks that the degree has been carried out according to the initial project.
  •    SIC: Assessment for quality International labels

Institutional Evaluation Procedure:

  • AUDIT: provides guidance for HEIs to establish their own internal quality assurance systems.
  • AUDIT INTERNACIONAL:  certify quality assurance systems for Higher Education Institutions (HEI) located in third countries
  • DOCENTIA: supports Universities to create mechanisms to evaluate academic staff quality.