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White Books

libros blancos

With the assistance of ANECA, a network of Spanish Higher Education Institutions has produce the present works, with the aim of providing studies and useful case studies to design a EHEA-compliant Bachelor Degree. 

These White Books contain the result of the work performed by a network of Spanish Higher Education Institutions, with the assistance of ANECA. The explicit purpose of these task was to provide studies and useful case studies to design an EHEA-compliant Bachelor Degree. It is a non-committal proposal, valuable as an instrument for deliberation, that will be submitted to the University Coordination Council and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, for their information and consideration.

The projects below include a large number aspects that are essential to design a Bachelor Degree model: analysis equivalent or similar studies in Europe, characteristics of the selected European Degre question, studies about employability of graduates in the last five years, and profiles and professional competencies, amongst other points. The participating Higher Education Institutions have carried out a comprehensive job, debating and appraising different options in order to reach a final common model, capable of including all relevant features of the Degree in question.

(The content of the books is exclusive responsibility of the authors, and where applicable of the institutions they represent.)