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Strategic Plan

strategic plan cover

This strategic plan is a primary work tool that defines the fundamental courses of action intended for ANECA over the next four years (time horizon 2013–2016).

The contents of the Plan draw on the policy that the Board of Management wishes to implement within the organisation, which is based on the quality of service given to the university community and society in general and of the management of the organisation itself, according to the principles of efficiency and satisfaction with the public service that we provide, with the full and active participation of every individual in ANECA. 

The  Strategic Plan  has been endorsed by the ANECA Board of Management as a reference document for the establishment of medium term objectives that serve as a framework for the annual operational plans and the consequent development of the Agency’s projects in the future, as well as for communicating the path and direction to be followed to staff, external collaborators and other stakeholders so that the Agency can carry out its responsibilities successfully. It is considered as one among other tools to bring coherence to decision-making throughout the established time frame for the Plan.


Following the meeting held on May 17th in the Agency's offices, the Steering Committee has decided to extend the applicability of the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan  by one year. Also, the Agency has decided to put in place adequate measures to create the Annual 2017 Operation Plan and the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan .