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ANECA's strategy for quality assurance in e-learning

ANECA, in its role of promoting the adoption of quality assurance (QA) criteria in accordance with international standards, is aware that in order to alleviate the effects of the current health situation resulting from the evolution of Covid-19, with the suspension of face-to-face teaching activities and other serious consequences, different and meritorious solutions have been adopted in the field of university education

Faced with this unexpected and difficult situation, it is essential to highlight, value and support the enormous work that universities, their teaching and research staff, administration and services, as well as their students, are doing. Universities continue to be immersed in the difficult task of providing quick and effective answers to the different questions that this complicated situation has been posing, the first of which is to make the abrupt transition from face-to-face to online teaching.

We believe that it is time to send the university community, the scientific community, a message of serenity, understanding, a predisposition to flexibility and accompaniment; also that we continue to say that ANECA is here to help in all that the universities, institutions and society consider appropriate. This is the central goal of this document.

Universities, who have the responsibility for university degrees, for teaching, have launched a series of initiatives, no doubt taking as a guide the interest of the students and the maintenance of their commitment to quality learning. It is not up to us to evaluate these initiatives. Our mission is to collaborate in ensuring the proper functioning of the universities' internal quality assurance mechanisms. The lines that this document draws are intended to provide, briefly and quickly, a more clarifying vision of the transformation that higher education has had, is having or should have during the health alert caused by the Covid-19.

ANECA's responsibility to contribute and ensure quality in these processes consists of evaluating the results of the actions of the universities in order to guarantee, as far as the current circumstances allow, the correct development of the teaching and non-attendance learning that has been carried out, under considerable external tension, we must not forget, since the end of February 2020.

By the end of the 2019/2020 academic year, it may not have been possible to teach all of the subjects in the teaching guides. We are aware that some content cannot be taught at a distance. And we know that all of this will be specified in the addenda to the aforementioned teaching guides.
Without losing sight of the principle that in each course the planned competence objectives must be achieved, ANECA has designed a strategy for QA in e-learning, which will consist of three stages:

(Madrid, 17th April 2020)


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