El Patronato de ANECA nombra al director de la Agencia

ANECA’s Board of Trustees appoints the new Director of the Agency

ANECA’s Board of Trustees, the governance body of the National Agency for Quality Evaluation and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA), has appointed Miguel Ángel Galindo new Director of the Agency in its meeting organised on 28th July chaired by the Minister of Education, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo.


  • Program PEP

    PEP evaluates the CVs of applicants to access non-civil servant academic staff bodies.

  • Program ACADEMIA

    ACADEMIA evaluates CVs of applicants to access civil-servant academic staff bodies.

  • Program VERIFICA

    VERIFICA evaluates degree proposals designed according to EHEA criteria.

  • Program MONITOR

    MONITOR follows-up an ex-ante accredited programme to check its correct implementation and results.

  • Program ACREDITA

    ACREDITA checks that the degree has been carried out according to the initial project.


    ACREDITA PLUS Assessment for national accreditation and for International seals

  • Program DOCENTIA

    DOCENTIA supports Universities to create mechanisms to evaluate academic staff quality.

  • Program AUDIT

    AUDIT provides guidance for HEIs to establish their own internal quality assurance systems.

  • Program MENCIÓN

    MENCIÓN evaluates PhD programmes, candidates to a Quality Label towards Excellence.


ANECA has implemented a Grade Point Average calculator intended to help you calculate your Spanish GPA based on grades from any foreign country. Those interested can find how to apply and all related information at http://notasmedias.aneca.es/ .  

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us by email ayuda.notasmedias@aneca.es